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 Kuwait ''mulls proposal to invest reparations in Iraq''

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MensajeTema: Kuwait ''mulls proposal to invest reparations in Iraq''   Sáb Sep 26, 2009 6:23 am

Kuwait ''mulls proposal to invest reparations in Iraq''
UNITED NATIONS: Kuwait''s Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed AlـSabah said his country will offer "all forms of support to help Iraq fulfill its Security Council obligations related to pending issues with Kuwait," asserting that Kuwait is considering investments in Iraq as a way of resolving a dispute over billions of dollars of war reparations owed by Baghdad for its 1990 invasion. The comment was prompted following a meeting late Wednesday, which included Sheikh Mohammed, His Highness the Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Nasser AlـMohammed AlـSabah and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.
Talking to KUNA, Kuwait Television, and Iraqi channels AlـIraqia and AlـHurra, the foreign minister said that the two sides discussed Iraq''s endeavor to exit Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, noting that the prime minister had assured Talabani of Kuwait''s full support of Iraq in fulfilling those obligations Seeing an end to Chapter VII means "fulfilling international resolutions," he said, citing examples like South Africa, which was held under Chapter VII and only fulfilled its obligations after putting an end to the racial political system of apartheid, and Libya which fulfilled its obligations after conforming to global resolutions. "We do not want to complicate matters, and we want to hasten Iraq''s exit of those obligations through easing their implementation," he added
On the border issue he said: "Maintaining the border demarcations between the two countries is the most important matter to Kuwait," noting that the U.N. has presented an official request to Iraq over the issue, for the U.N. IraqـKuwait Boundary Demarcation Commission to carry out its task. He expressed satisfaction that the terrorist bomb attack in Iraq, dubbed "Black Wednesday" which led to the deaths and injuries of dozens, did not witness a border penetration into Kuwait, and that these borders were not used to carry out evil deeds in Iraq. "The security of Iraq is fundamental to the security of Kuwait, which is why we are extremely concerned that these borders are protected entirely and not misused by any terrorists," he added. Sheikh Mohammad also said that the Iraqi president expressed his appreciation of the gesture of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlـAhmad AlـSabah who ordered Kuwaiti hospitals to receive Iraqi victims of the attack. Kuwait also donated to a fund created for those victims. "All these events reflect the warm heartـfelt emotions between Kuwait and Iraq, and this is what President Talabani discussed with His Highness Sheikh Nasser, as well as means to build on these good sentiments," he said
The two sides also discussed means to develop a strategic political and social partnership as further mentioned by the Kuwaiti foreign minister. Sheikh Mohammed also refuted claims that Kuwait intends to sever its ties with Iraq, stressing that Kuwait plans to strengthen its relationship with its neighbor in the economic, infrastructureـrelated, tourism and investment fields. "This partnership is what we aspire to achieve with our neighbors in Iraq," he said The foreign minister also welcomed a suggestion by the U.N. Secretary General Ban Kiـmoon to resolve the issue of pending Iraqi debts to Kuwait, following its 1990 invasion through investments. He said "This is what we are thinking of, and we would like to use these issues to enable further partnerships between the economies of both countries in order to reap the benefits for both the Iraqi and Kuwaiti people."
On Tuesday, the Viceـpresident of Iraq''s autonomous Kurdish region, Kosrat Rasul, told reporters that Iraq would call in a statement to the U.N. General Assembly for the cancellation of its war reparations to Kuwait.ـAgencies
Last updated on Friday 25/9/2009
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Kuwait ''mulls proposal to invest reparations in Iraq''
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