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 Prime Minister, Maliki Meets with Religious Leader, Ali al-Sistani

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MensajeTema: Prime Minister, Maliki Meets with Religious Leader, Ali al-Sistani   Lun Ene 04, 2010 9:26 pm

Prime Minister, Maliki Meets with Religious Leader, Ali al-Sistani

Monday, 04 2010

Najaf - Iraq: A source in the Office of Najaf, the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki arrived on Monday, to the city of Najaf during a visit during which he met top Shi'ite cleric Ali al-Sistani.

The source explained that "al-Maliki arrived this morning at the head of a delegation including Minister of Municipalities and Public Works, Riad Ghraib, and draws upon his arrival at the office of Grand-Sistani, where he will hold a meeting with him in his time limit."

The source, who asked not to be named, said "Al-Maliki will visit the Investment Authority in the province, and his visit will open in a large pool of water in the district of South Manathra conservative,"

noting that "Maliki's trip will take only one day."

Observers and politicians in Najaf, said Maliki's visit to Sistani, a reference today, "similar to the visits made by Iraqi Prime Minister last year, ahead of provincial elections, which investigated a sweeping success in the southern provinces and Central Europe, at the expense of the traditional ally of the Supreme Council, which is expected to turn the equation in the elections to be held on March 7 next. "

The head of the Iraqi government had met last Saturday, the commanders of military units in the Baghdad Operations Command, and invited them to vigilance and awakening in the next phase, stressing that the next two months will be crucial for the history of modern Iraq, was also attended by al-Maliki, on Sunday, the founding conference of the Central Council tribal Baghdad, and stressed during a speech at the conference that Iraq will not tolerate trespassing on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of any party.


Posted by Kel at 1/04/2010 09:53:00 AM
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Prime Minister, Maliki Meets with Religious Leader, Ali al-Sistani
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